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The UK Stock and Share Screener

Helping the Investor

Sharelockholmes is the UKs most comprehensive site for screening Stocks and Shares based on fundamentals. Sharelockholmes.com gives the high quality information that a successful investor needs.

Superb Range Of Data

Sharelockholmes will help you to find stocks and shares that meet your specific investing criteria based on factors such as Dividend Yield, PER, PBV, PSR, Gearing, PEG or Earnings Growth, by using ourShare Selection screener.

Sharelockholmes now has an exciting newfeature that will show how your investment strategies would have peformed against the market, based on historical data going back to 2003.

Sharelockholmes now has another great feature to keep you in touch with your shares. You can opt to receive regular email alerts showing  the results of your favourite share selection methods.

Sharelockholmes will close down on 31 December 2023 due to retirement, so no new payments will be accepted to run after this date.

The monthly cost of the service is £6.70

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UK Shares screener. Screen for UK Shares on PER, Yield, Gearing, Growth, Price to Book Value , Price to Sales, Cash Flow and many other variables.

Find a Shortlist of Shares

The screener will search all listed UK Stocks and Shares and give you a shortlist of shares meeting your investing criteria.

The shortlist is created by using theEdit Query screen. You create a query to cut down the list of shares to just those with certain fundamental characteristics.

Show demo Edit Query Screen. Set up your selections for the Share Selection screener on over forty different variables.

Once you have a shortlist of shares theShare Details page will allow you to examine a share in depth.

Examine a Share in Detail

TheShare Details page shows over forty variables for an individual share with full Earnings, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Debt information. The information is normally updated daily.

Show demo Share Details Screen. Shows Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Profit and Loss. Includes up to five years history on EPS, Dividends, Sales, Net Assets and Gearing.

Free trial offer! 7 day free trial.

We are offering a 7 day free trial of Sharelockholmes, with no obligation to purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with Sharelockholmes you will not be billed at all. You are limited to one free trial. After your free trial you will have access to Sharelockholmes at the highly competitive rate of £6.70 per month.

All you need to do is to click onRegister and thenSubscription. You can thenLogin to have access to a wide range of information about UK listed shares. TheUser Guide Section contains a tutorial on the use of our database. Have a look at ourFAQ andGlossary for further information about using Sharelockholmes

Before using this service please read theTerms and Conditions.