Where does the data come from?


The fundamental data is extracted from company announcements (RNS) and annual reports.



How accurate is the data?



The data is manually checked before being put on the live database. It should be accurate, though if you find any errors please contact:


[email protected]


describing the problem and we will fix it.



How often is the data updated?



The price and ratio data is usually updated daily. The price data is from closing prices. You can see the last updated date by looking in the bottom right hand corner of the Share Details screen.



What browsers will work on? has been tested successfully on Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers.



Does it use cookies and if so what information do they store?


Cookies are required for to store user and password session information. No other information is stored. The information is encrypted for greater security. Make sure cookies are enabled on your browser.



What is your privacy policy?



No information will be passed to any third party as stated in the Terms and Conditions



The standard queries that came with Sharelockholmes such as “All Shares” no longer show up in the Queries drop down list.



Make sure that the “Show Standard Queries” check box is checked on in the Query Edit screen.

What does the Watchlist checkbox do in Edit Query?


Checking the watchlist checkbox allow you to set up a portfolio by showing setting EPIC = ‘XXX’ in each Search box for a different share. The results will be ORed together rather than ANDed.


What if I want to have more than 16 shares in a portfolio?

Use the ‘IN’ function


Ie set up a search for





I click a link and get and error: “HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its
dependencies) could have been removed…..”




This is an occasional intermittent problem. Just try again or press the Refresh button on your browser.


What is the best screen resolution to use


1152 x 864 although 1024 x 768 is usually adequate. was designed to show all the main information on a share, on one page.



How can I print the details page?



File - > Page Setup
Set orientation to landscape
Set margins to the minimum>

Remove the header and footer



What to the symbols mean in Edit Query Operator drop down list.


The Operators signify the following:


          <       Less than

>       Greater Than

=       Equal to

<>      Not Equal to

>=      Greater than or Equal to

<=     Less than or Equal to

IN      Allows multiple OR values separated

                   by commas.

                   E.g. EPIC IN AAA,BBB,CCC,DDD



Some of your figures are different from other sites I have looked at. Why is this?



The EPS figure will vary depending on whether the Basic or Adjusted (excluding exceptionals and goodwill) figure is being quoted. The EPS may be historic or Projected (from a forecast). Exceptionals can be defined in different ways. The EPS may be adjusted for dilution, by potential share options and rights issues. The EPS and dividend quoted by is adjusted for rights issues and dilution. Information derived from the EPS such as PER and PEG will also vary as the EPS varies between different sources. Some information for small companies can be difficult to get hold of. Net Debt is often not given, and can only be obtained from the annual report, which sometimes is difficult to obtain for smaller companies. Some companies do not show cash flow information in their announcements.